TMMTD Vendor Information.

Become a vendor at Third Monday McKinney Trade Days!

Vendors MUST send a copy of their tax ID when the application is submitted. We are not able to approve applications submitted without this.

Please email a copy of your tax ID with your application form to or print and bring both your Texas State TAX Permit and Vendor Application to the office during office hours.

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For vendors with ANYTHING consumable, you must contact the McKinney Health Department before you apply or we cannot approve your application.

Payment for next months market should be made at the office during market hours before end of day Sunday (check, cash, or money order). Include space number and name with payment

Vendors are highly encouraged to attend the Vendors Meeting at 5:15pm on Saturday of the market weekend. Meeting is normally held at the back of the Trading Post just across down from the main office and is a chance to talk with market management and hear about market activities and other important information.

Vendor rules

  1. Management can rent spaces only to vendors who follow the vendor guidelines, pertinent federal, state and local laws and exhibit appropriate behavior.
  2. To retain your space, make a payment for next months market at the office during market hours before end of day Sunday (check, cash, or money order). Include space number and name with payment.
  3. Vendors must have a current Texas Sales Tax permit to sell at this market. To obtain one, please visit Texas Comptroller Site
  4. Vendors should be set up and ready to sell by 9am. Set up time is up to you as long as you are ready to sell by 9am!
  5. All vendor gates will be locked at 9am and will not be reopened until 5pm.
  6. All vendors are expected to sell Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Vendors are encouraged to be open Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm as this can be a busy shopping day. Vendors who do not open Saturday through Sunday risk losing their space. (please speak with the office manager if you want to sell only 1 day. Arrangements can be made.)
  7. Vendor spaces are rented to the applicant only. No subletting is permitted.
  8. Vending must occur from rented spaces. Vendors may not set up beyond the boundaries they are assigned.
  9. Vendors can not add or change merchandise without prior management approval.
  10. Due to concerns with overloading circuits, electric heaters and compressor-type AC units may not be operated in the booths. Propane heaters, fans, and "swamp coolers" are allowed.
  11. Remove all trash from your space(s) and take to the nearest receptacle.
  12. Vendors must notify the office (214-223-2653) as soon as possible if unable to attend. Only one miss is allowed per calendar year and rent must be paid in order to guarantee space. No-shows may lose their space.
  13. The market and its owners are not liable for any personal injury or property loss caused by theft, calamitous weather or accidents.
  14. Good customer service should be utilized by all vendors.
  15. Vendors and their employees must read and follow all Vendor Guidelines in order to remain a vendor at this market